About Katie

I am Katie Stone and I am a jewellery designer and maker from Solihull. I have always been a crafty person but I came to discover Jewellery making by accident. My father ran an electrical engineering company and his main office was in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter. I had a day off college one day and went in to the office with him. After being so bored, I decided to try my first coffee, he suggested I took a visit to the Jewellery Quarter Museum down the road. I did as I was told and strolled over not expecting my life to change forever...  I was absolutely in awe of the place and the history and knew from that moment on, this is what I absolutely had to do!
Probably later that day (because my dad has always been very encouraging in everything I find interesting) (or possibly a few weeks later), me and my Dad took a trip around the jewellery quarter. We went to tool shops and bullion dealers and bought ourselves all the basics to have a go at making our own jewellery. 
We used pliers out of his shed and a plumbers blow torch and we made a silver ring together. It was misshapen and had lots of unsightly dinks but it was wonderful.
I soon enrolled on a night class learning more jewellery basics and then went on to get a place at the world famous School of Jewellery in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.
So, jewellery making is my new life, I'm loving every minute and then unexpectedly another transformative moment appears in front of me... There is a jewellery tool shop opposite the school. I'm often in and out buying bits and bobs and then I notice a rather handsome chap working behind the scenes. Our eyes meet, I go pink and I leave the shop... Several times over the next few weeks I have to visit this shop to buy this and that. (it's costing this poor student a fortune) Until another staff member suggests that we swap numbers. We did so. 
After a few lunch time visits for a cheese roll and a lemonade in the Jewellers arms, we decided we would like to become official BF/GF.
Fast forward three years and I pass my Degree with a First Class Honours.
Fast forward 5 years, we are Mr and Mrs Stone.
During this time I have worked for many other jewellery companies making their jewellery and refining my skills. I have loved every Jewellers I have worked for but there's nothing quite like designing and making your own creations. I did bits and bobs of my own designs along side my full time work, until in 2013 when I decided to go part time and officially start 'Katie Stone Jewellery'!
In 2015 I took the plunge and began working full time on Katie Stone Jewellery. 

Anyway, back to the love story...


Adrian (Mr Stone) and I had been married 5 years, both now have our own jewellery related businesses (Adrian is now a jewellery and dentistry machine repairs guy) We have two lovely pets, Noodle the cat and Daisy the dog. Life is wonderful and we decide its time for a baby...


Eva and Freya join the jewellery gang.

Ever since both our businesses began in 2013, Me and Adrian have shared a workshop, listening to audio books and music together whilst getting on with our own projects. 

We also spend what time we can outdoors, in the garden, veggie patch, by the sea or camping with our gorgeous girls and Daisy dog.


I find the outdoors very inspiring, the animals, the bird song or sound of the sea. This has always been my drive to make jewellery.

Family, Nature and Jewellery making is what makes me most happy and gives me the spark to share these happy moments through my jewellery. I love that my work can be loved, worn and make someone happy.

I hope that these precious little creations can one day be passed down through generations and carry on their story and create new smiles.





If you already own a piece of Katie Stone Jewellery, you may have noticed there is a teeny tiny bee on the back. There is in fact a teeny tiny bee on every piece of my jewellery! It is my little signature.

This little bee came about when designing for a project at University. I had designed a brooch with honeycombed silver and yellow cold enamel with little bees that magnetized to magnets hidden in the enamel. I was inspired for this project by my great grandfather as he always kept bees in his garden. I find it fascinating and just love how clumsy the little bees look when flying.

So from this, the bee logo came about. It unites both where my jewellery began (at university) and also my family history. I have this logo on every piece of my jewellery to show it is a Katie Stone original.


My jewellery range can now be seen in many jewellers and galleries across the UK.

Find your local stockist now.





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