Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow, Charity Necklace


This beautiful little necklace is very personal to me. It is inspired by my warrior of a daughter, Eva.

Eva was sadly born with a birth defect called Gastroschisis, where her bowel and stomach were on the outside of her tummy. As soon as Eva was born, they whisked her of to the Children’s Hospital in Birmingham where we stayed for 6 weeks whilst the amazing doctors and nurses put her back together and helped her learn to eat and digest food.

The Children’s Hospital were completely amazing from start to finish. They turned such an awful situation in to a bearable one. The consultants, doctors and especially the neonatal nurses were all completely wonderful and gave our daughter the best treatment we could have ever wished for her. This condition is such a tragedy as she is completely perfect in every single other way. I feel sad to think that if Eva was born in a less privileged country, she most certainly wouldn’t be here with us today.

Unfortunately, I can never come near to repay what this wonderful hospital deserves but I can make a very small contribution the only way I know how.......Jewellery.

When you purchase this necklace, you are not only buying a wonderful personal piece of jewellery to remind you of your own little acorn (or acorns) you will be making a generous contribution towards the children’s hospital. For every necklace sold, we will be donating 30% of the total to the children’s hospital in Birmingham. Between £49.50 and £56 will go straight to the Hospital.

Handmade in oxidised silver, the leaf and acorn are on 28" belcher chain. The chain does not come with a clasp as standard as it should fit over your head but please do contact Katie if you would prefer a clasp or to add a little extra length, this can easily be added with no extra charge. 

Please email Katie here with your chosen initials.


We have raised £203 so far from the sale of this necklace. This has gone straight to the Birmingham’s Children’s Hospital Charity. 








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